About Devon

My name is Devon and I’m just an everyday guy who loves music.  I never played any instrument until my adult years when I discovered a passion for playing guitar and since then I have poured many hours into developing my musical abilities as best I can.

I have been a volunteer in the worship ministry at my church since the fall of 2006.  During that time God has given me so many wonderful experiences through music in His church…none of which I could have ever imagined.  I believe music is a gift from God and I have seen firsthand how the power of music can encourage people, build people up, and draw people to Jesus.  My passion is to encourage people through music…it’s as simple as that.

There are millions of ways you could be spending your time right now.  I truly thank you for spending a moment to get to know me and I would love to spend a moment getting to know you.  Feel free to contact me and tell me a little about yourself…I believe everyone is a unique and special creation of God and I would love to meet you :).